• Happy 10th birthday to our most personal & profound manifestation of AI, the iPhone. Here’s the story. Next step, the iPhone 8 and upcoming IPads will have a chip dedicated to AI processing. Very cool.

(I’ve been using the iOS 11 user beta for a few days. There are quite a few real improvements, but as you’d expect from an early beta, it’s a bit glitchy. If you’re really adventurous, here’s how to install it. BACKUP FIRST!)

  • More and more law firms are creating content to demonstrate their understanding of AI (and even help clients & prospects in the process). To wit:
    • Here are two gentlemen from K&L Gates demonstrating their AI expertise as they provide an overview of a keynote speech by Scott W. Bauguess (Acting Director and Acting Chief Economist of the SEC’s Division of Economic and Risk Analysis) on regulators’ use of artificial intelligence to detect potential misconduct. Included are a link to the actual speech and explanations of how the Commission is using unstructured and structured data.
    • And here are a couple of gentlemen from Holland & Knight demonstrating how smaller players in the insurance industry can employ AI to take advantage of the inertia inherent in the huge insurance companies to meet clients’ needs better, faster & cheaper. (A recurrent AI theme across industries, including Big Law.)
    • Manatt, Phelps & Phillips has blog called “Manatt Digital” that covers all sorts of digital news related to law. There’s a solid amount of content, and (technically speaking) it’s good stuff. I particularly like their post on chatbots. (I wish they’d date their posts.)
    • Castrén & Snellman touts their use of iManage RAVN “to support among other things the due diligence process for real estate and M&A transactions.”
    • The next post below is from Jackson Lewis’ immigration blog.
  • Yes, AI is eliminating some jobs, especially those involving routine tasks, But it’s also creating tech jobs. Here come 10,000 from India to the US.

“Amid criticism of outsourcing firms, at least one large Indian outsourcing company is planning to hire 10,000 U.S. workers over the next two years. Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka announced the company will open four technology and innovation hubs in the U.S. “focusing on cutting-edge technology areas, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, user experience, emerging digital technologies, cloud, and big data.””

  • IP-related press release: TurboPatent® (turbopatent.com), experts in automating and streamlining the patent protection process, today launched two artificial intelligence (AI) products, RoboReview and RapidResponse. Both products utilize Automated Invention Protection (AIP) to create high-quality patent filings and improve the success rate for companies going through the patent review process.
  • Privacy is always a big concern with AI and Big Data. Manzama found this patent application for a camera system that doesn’t just capture images, it can “locate, segment, qualify and identify the elements of a set of (visual or audio) signals, semantically interpreting the behaviour thereof.” (If this was five months from now, I’d make some sort of bad joke about “♫ he knows if you’ve been bad or good…♫” but it’s not, so I won’t.)
  • Speaking of privacy, here’s real potential for a clash of cultures. While the EU is very strict about protecting data about individuals, the government of Japan, “seeking to promote data usage … aims to contribute to strengthened industrial competitiveness and enhance convenience ” has just chosen Fujitsu to “search for data across multiple systems, learning the search history of the user….”

“Much more than just another technology tool to help increase efficiency or generate value, artificial intelligence is no longer about how companies do things, it’s about who they are.”

  • “5 Reasons Why We Should Study and Embrace Artificial Intelligence!” This article is centered on the financial services sector, but it’s arguments are very relevant to legal. For instance, at least for now, “(t)his is precisely the reason that the recent slew of interest in robo-advisors (automated investment solutions) isn’t a big concern for me. At its best, technology can assist the implementation of a strategy, not its purpose or relevance.”growth



  • Finally, wanna try a very targeted AI app on your smartphone? Especially for your Independence Day cookouts?  This app was developed in conjunction with HBO’s series “Silicon Valley;” with it, your phone should be able to use AI to identify a hot dog! (It worked for me.)image1